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Vedic Pujas or distance pujas are part of distance healing. It sounds very unconventional and an orthodox mind may not accept it. But understand, technology has offered us a great way to understand the communication in between world. Passing the awareness of telephones without wires, we now see computers and all kinds of devices that connect in between the physical Ancient Sacred Fire Rituals.


We understand that the connection between the networks works electronically through thin air. Vedic Pujas can be understood similarly in that the messages and healing energy goes through mantras in thin air. The transmitter is the facilitator of the healing energy and the receiver is the one that has requested healing. While there may be a different technical interpretation, the similarity allows the feasibility to be comprehended. The times have changed. 


Vedic Pujas are an accessible source of connection to the divine. The old norms have become an occupied seat in the modern era. It suggests the need for Vedic e-pujas. We at The Healing Bay have some powerful Vedic pujas listed for different goals. These Vedic pujas are conducted in our sacred space of Siddhapeeth at Nagpur in the divine presence of Bagla Mukhi Maa. 

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