Reverse Bad Karmic Effects During Lockdown

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

This Pandemic is the most unexpected occurrence of our lives. We have been leading a life since ages which made us strive more for materialistic pleasures and Escapism. Connecting to Inner Self and such topics were of trifling effect to our consciousness. With problems riding each day and financial worries, we wondering if this is some bad karmic cycle we going through? Is Lockdown a punishment to my life? Many of us are still trying to escape the frustration of losing freedom and also the worries of uncertain future post lockdown. We are trying to find solace in Food , Netflix or numerous phone calls. Lot many are going through breakups, loneliness , Financial issues etc. There is nothing which seems to be working right now and only thought occurs to you is that This must get Over Now. However, As a mental health therapist, I am trying to give you one practice here you must include in daily routine for reversing the bad effects of karmic cycle during this lockdown time.

Surrender Willingly Today Like This-

You need to Breathe today , like really really breathe. what worst can happen if you really talk to yourself today? You have survived till now when anything worse than this virus could kill you . Are you feeling you are losing something and feeling helpless?? Then this exercise is for you. Choose your favorite peaceful corner in the house. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and Breathe. Affirm in head , ,” I surrender”. While doing this, recall all the helpless situations. With one picture of each situation in your life you dealing with, Repeat this affirmation. It can be a toxic relationship , a person, a job, business, family or Your own self. Take 3 deep breathes and open your eyes. You will feel much better. Practice anytime you are anxious instead of escaping on calls. Practice it for 7 days in a row twice in a day and then continue for 14 days more once in a day. You will see that you are at ease and lot of situations are actually getting better or your mind doesn’t feel stress related to that. Your subconscious mind will develop a new pattern of taking things easy and also attract positive outcomes in every situation. Also, it gives you strength to endure any difficult situation or pain. You will feel empowered by surrendering to Universe and understanding that you need not to fight every situation for favorable response.

You will see the Karmic cycle turning in your favor.

Do share your experience about this practice. If it works for you, Share this with others as well. It may add to your list of Good Karma. And as this popular quote says-

Things don’t just happen in this world of arising and passing away. We don’t live in some kind of crazy, accidental universe. Things happen according to certain laws, laws of nature. Laws such as the law of karma, which teaches us that as a certain seed gets planted, so will that fruit be.

Sharon Salzberg

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