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Karma: A Bitch or an Illusion?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

We have all heard our parents or grandparents telling us to do good deeds, otherwise, those deeds will come to haunt us. Have you ever wondered how true is it? I mean, look around. The thieves who stole hundreds of crores from our banks are lavishly sitting in other countries. Hardworking farmers who feed the nation are committing suicide because of a lack of money. Terrorists are getting funerals of heroes. Soldiers, who are selflessly protecting our borders in extreme conditions, are getting martyred every day. Such examples make us wonder, is Karma real? Does it matter if we are good or bad?

In a big picture, yes, it does. Justice always prevails, though often later than sooner. Karma is bigger than our imagination. Remember the story of Shishupala and Lord Krishna? Shishupala was granted a boon by Lord Krishna which allowed him to commit a hundred sins without any adverse consequences. Karma works in a similar manner. Everyone is allowed to screw up a little. Karma gives us time to make things right and come on the right path. However, once that time is over, once we have crossed our hundred sins, then there’s no running away from Karma. Shishupala also met the same fortune. When heabused Lord Krishna in a ceremony, committing his 101st sin, Lord Krishna ripped his head off.

The justice of Karma does catch us. Once we have exhausted our limit of screw-ups, once we have exhausted our every chance to make amends, we shall find Karma standing on our path. It might not be in this chakra of our life as Karma is permanent. But at some point of time, at some point in life, Karma will catch us, and when it does, it will be a bitch!

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