Have You Tried These 5 Key Remedies for Cleansing House Energy ???

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We stay in this fragile environment of Energies today. You may hear a lot many times people referring to “ Vibes” or “ Energy” while being vulnerable or in discussions. Properties are sold with USP of Vaastu Compliance. We do perform rituals like Human or buy Fengshui items in order to cleanse house energies. You might have now tried 100s of remedies for cleansing home or getting rid of some miseries. Following are some key remedies which may help if You can follow or continue following:

1. Position to keep Broom

Well YES.. You heard it right. Broom which you use in your house every morning for cleaning and moping is actually a symbol of prosperity. Its an old myth and a vaastu tip stating that broomstick should be kept lying on floor and hidden in the house where it is not so visible to you. Like you can place it under the table or bed or backyard but never keep it in standing position. It says it symbolizes Laxmi energy and can walk away anytime.

2. Avoid keeping Shivlinga in Pujaghar

Shiva was a Yogi, a Vairagi… He was known as Bholenath who accepted everyone around him. That says that even beasts are allowed. For Home ( Grahasth) , It is advised to not keep a Shivalinga at home. It is better to be worshipped at a temple as Abhishek is done on daily basis to keep the (Rudra) energy calm. You can keep the whole Shiva parivar idol ( combined idol made) in Pooja altar but avoid a Shivalinga. In rare cases, a Parad shivalinga is allowed.

3. Use of Gomutra (Cow Urine) to cleanse Negative Energy

Very powerful remedy. If someday, You sense extreme Negative Energy in the house, or someone visited and left, and it leaves you feeling drained, Quickly You can dip a cloth in cloth in Gomutra ( Easily available in grocery shops) and wipe the entrance and the area where your guest was sitting and walking. If wiping seems tough, just sprinkle drops at entrance door, and all corners of house. It is a very powerful remedy to throw bad energies out. Negative entities just cant stand the stench of Gomutra.

4. Hanuman Jyoti

This one You must try today. Hanuman Jyoti is a very effective Vedic remedy for cleansing house vibes. Just take 2 cloves and 1-2 camphor balls and burn those in a vessel with holder and move into your house quickly from your puja altar to every room, kitchen and bathroom . if house is bigger, add more cloves and camphor to fire and keep moving till you reach back start point. This is known as Hanuman Jyot and done for warding off evil energies .

5. Keep Parad Idol Of these Deities at Home

Sometimes, The Vaastu of house is not in condition to be corrected. Natives keep suffering from adverse effect of Vaastu dosh. In that case, You must get your kundali and House aura checked and buy and keep alchemical pure parad idols of Hanuman or Ganesha or other deity depending upon your chart and house aura. If you need guidance from an expert or pure parad idol for home Vaastu,

Contact on following link

Hope These key Remedies will certainly help you to cleanse your house energies.

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