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Are you fighting your Depression Demon Too?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

I am shocked and disturbed after reading this news about such a talented Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. I had so many plans for the day but guess now its been few hours since this news broke and I can’t do anything. Since last two weeks, many of my friends asked me to make videos for such topics which may help people. I honestly didn’t feel like doing it as it felt that I am trying to use someone else’s sorrow to market on my blog. But today this news has shaken me and I was compelled to write. I feel my learning as a therapist is of no use if it cant reach you and help you. We all have seen bad days in our lives. None of us is perfect as it looks. Right now, amid lockdown, The inner self and all pain maybe coming out to our face and there is no escape. Some sort of anxiety must be creeping in for many. Still there is a way to deal with this. If by now, you can relate with me on this, Please follow these coping mechanisms below , which may help.

1. Talk Therapy – This is the best way to deal with depression and negative thoughts if you want instant help. You can always reach out to professionals if possible for you or have a word and enquire at least as a piece of small advice can still comes free. If not affordable, Just think quietly if there is someone in family or friends who is a wise and sensible advisor. Someone who always made you feel good after you spoke to them or you had a shift in thinking. There is definitely a person in our lives or people who selflessly give there time to help you think right. Choose that person carefully and share how you feeling. Vent it out to them. If someone approaches you with such low thoughts, Please don’t start lecturing . Instead listen patiently, make the other person comfortable and let them say anything they want to. Do not take any remark personally if they even mention you somewhere. Let them say it and then slowly try to show them one positive aspect in that whole conversation. Try them help relate with some good example of someone they might admire. Do not shy away in reaching out to people. We are humans and we have this ability to express through words. Use it right way and right away.

2. Avoid Crime/Horror shows During this Time– Now many of us really enjoy watching thrillers. it maybe mood booster for you as initially when we start watching any such show out of interest, our happy hormone (dopamine) release happens and also give us adrenaline rush. In this brain juicing, we do not know when it starts mixing stress hormone ( Cortisol) in it and somehow this is the food we are giving to our mind. When you are really in low mood, You can watch a thriller but best is when you watch a very funny movie or sitcom to detox your mind. You need to avoid the mental Junk ( thrillers, news about problems or negative or aggressive

videos) and replace it with healthy food ( Motivational movies , Ted talks, Talking to Friends who really love you or watch good songs)

3. Watch Yourself and Record your Video – Now this might sound Weird but this truly may help some of you. So many of us feel dejected in life when we feel like a failure. We are no more able to love ourselves. So , if one of these days You are feeling bit okay or want to do some mental exercise, Choose to open your selfie camera and choose the filter you love and make a video where you are trying to inspire someone else or talk something good about your life. You can even choose to make a funny or dancing video ( Reason why I always find tiktok helpful no matter how dumb it looks). But such mental engagement and self obsession of this kind sometimes boosts our self-esteem in a way we can’t imagine. This is a mental exercise you can do to add a vibe to your day. Every time you watch it, It will make you feel good about yourself in some way. Try it.

4. Burn it out – So if all is very messed up in Life and you just can’t accept any more of it. Quickly take a paper right now. Write down all the issues / problems / fears ot hateful thoughts you having right now. As you are done writing it, Take a vessel and burn this paper in that vessel. Watch it burning and make sure it has turned to ashes. Throw or flush those ashes. Do it again if you still feel emotional residual of it within you. There is no restriction towards doing it multiple times. This is a Powerful Brain Technique which definitely brings a shift to you that very moment. Try it safely at home.

5. Change Your Routine( Must Do) – You may be a Night person all your life or may be struggling with sleep issues. Try to take a break from social media for a week maybe. Even uninstall WhatsApp if that helps. Have your dinner early and set an intention to wakeup early around 5 or 6 am at least just for a day. And set two good activities like meditation or writing your goals or listening to Mantras or Affirmations . Observe how it makes you feel. You can later sleep again during daytime but waking up early can transform your life and reverse the stress or anxiety issue. It has lot of Vedic and Therapeutic benefits which I will write about in my upcoming blog.

I hope this blog was helpful to you. This blog is just about some generic coping mechanisms which may work for many but if you feel more trouble, Reach out to mental health professional. We want to help you and you can still reach out and take consultation if you feel you need more Counselling in your case or some therapy program may help.

Do write us at if you are facing any such issues or feeling depressed. We will certainly help as much we can .

Praani Aggarwal


The Healing Bay

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