Are You Buying Rudraksha from Local Sellers?

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Lot of us have fancy to collect artifacts or invest into precious stones. We usually want to fill our home with positivity and beautiful looking products. So does we want to do in our life. Rudraskh – literally means “Shiva’s tears” is the seed of Elaeocarpus. In modern times people from all over the world inspired by Spiritualism and believe in its healing power. Thus demand of the Rudrakshas is constantly on the rise, putting pressure on both the cultivated and wild trees. Not only this, it is also encouraging a market of fake beads. In absence of awareness and knowledge on the part of consumer and lack of system of monitoring for authenticity common people are fooled regularly. Before You invest in any cheap or costly Rudraksha, You need to know few things about Rudraksha energy and why and how you should invest in Rudraksha beads for miraculous results.

Rudraksha is used in treating various ailments of the digestive tract and nervous system. It is also the principle diet of some of the endangered species like fruit bats and flying foxes. However, the main use of the tree is the seed, which is used for making bead. The beads of Rudraksh tree is used in making malas ( rosaries) and spiritual combinations worn in neck, arms wrist and head. Necklaces made of Rudraksh beads are considered auspicious, powerful and are supposed to have astrological and health benefits. Scientifically the Rudraksh beads possess diamagnetic properties (wherein a material acquires temporary magnetic property in presence of external magnetic field), which imparts positive charges in bioelectric systems of human body. It is believed that the beads generate psychic powers, health and prosperity to one who is wearing and to the place in where it is kept. Practitioners claim to have witnessed the healing properties of the bead and are said to regulate blood pressure and mental stability and boost self-confidence. It is especially helpful for people meditating or are spiritually evolved.

Many practitioners claim that Rudraksh beads have positive results in mental disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, palpitations and lack of concentration.

A large no. of fake beads are available in market and are sold at good price to ignorant customers. Usually fake beads are made from wood, cork, gum or from clays. The most commonly found fake beads are made from the heartwood of Aquillaria agallocha tree andWalnut tree. A cashew nut shaped bead is thus sold as one mukhi rudraksh. The cashewnut shaped bead is easily available and is not expensive, but is sometimes sold to ignorant buyers at high prices. Spherical one faced rudraksh is however the most abundantly sold fake bead, which is made by carving berries, betel nut and Areca nut. Stalks are also implanted on them to give them genuine looks.

Another type of ek mukhi rudraksh often sold in market is ‘Haridwar Ek Mukhi’ are quite common in western Himalayan foothills.

Hence it is very important to find a trusted source for buying Rudraksha. Each Rudraksha has its own power and property. So better to take advise from a rudraksha expert and therapist who can identify authentic bead as well as cleanse, purify and energise the bead before you wear it on your body.

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