Navchandi yagya or Durga saptashati or Devi Mahatmyam is an important ritual performed in Hindu tradition. According to the birth details of karta or performer the tithi for yagya is decided by pandit. It is said that by performing this yagya all the sorrows, danger, ailments and sufferings of the karta get removed immediately. All the Doshas of Navgraha and pitru get cleared after performing this yagya. This yagya takes around 5 hours to get completed. Yagya starts with kalash Sthapana followed by panchang Poojan. Nine recitations of Durga sapthashati and Pooja of Durga yantra is also done during this yagya. One thousand mantras from Markendeya Purana are recited while performing this yagya.

Navachandi pooja



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Navchandi is a Yagya Pooja done to worship goddess Durga or chandi. It is said that this yagya has a great significance in Hindu tradition. Navchandi yagya reduces all sufferings from the life of its karta.


- Is a yagya performed to worship Goddess Durga

- Tithi is selected according to the horoscope of the karta

- The powerful ritual which helps to gain prosperity in life

- Yagya contains 1000 mantra from Markendeya Purana.


 -        Our pandits are certified for performing Poojas

 -        Pooja samagri required for this Pooja is completely pure and original. 

 -    Our pandits perform this Pooja in Vedic style. 

 -      We offer constant support throughout this Pooja.



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