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Astro Soul Reading

Vedic astrology with a combination of aura reading can tap into your life records and give you insights like never before. You would be able to determine your blockages and the indications for the future. You can achieve your goals by following the remedies that will be simple and easy to do on your own. It is a proven method in ancient spiritual science and millions of people around the world are receiving guidance through this. 

On booking this session you will get

Astonomical Clock

Deep analysis of your horoscope 

You can request readings on


Zoom / Google Meet



Your readings and analysis will be done by 3 experts of The Healing Bay. It is a trusted company in India for all spiritual services. It is an ancient methodology of reading one's life records and supporting them to evolve and be successful in this lifetime. 

You need this session if

Struggling with relationship / financial / health issues

Spiritual & Believe in healing powers


Confused with taking the Right Decisions

Wondering about all happening in life and unexplained complications

Looking for life purpose

Want to choose the right career path

Ambitious & Want to boost Luck

Suffering from emotional trauma or anxiety

Want to choose right life partner

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