So Meet The Team Diligently Working to help Everyone. The Healing Bay is created with much love and optimism . Aim is to heal everyone around and create a healthy world for coming generations. It is our responsibility to heal ourselves and pave path for others . So join hands with our team and be part of this journey.

Pranni Aggarwal


Pranni – An Intuitive Astrologer, Counselor ,TV Show Host, Blogger and also a gifted oracle card reader. She got exposure to lot such in very early age when she left home to find herself. She is an expert in Rudraksha and Gemstones. She designed many meditation and healing programmes. She worked with multiple healers from India and abroad creating her own tested path of healing. Working with different mindsets helped her achieve clarity with methods and therapies. She specialises in Aura reading, vedic and intuitive astrology, brain programming, Inner child programs, angel therapy , rudrakshas and Gemstones.

Her Quote – “ Optimism and Realism is what I endorse, Positive thinking is just the by-product

Dr Shalini

Dr Shalini has been a practicing family physician since 1998. During her practice she realised that medicines are not the way for complete healing of a person and she started looking for answers. This led her to qualify as Mind Body medicine doctor. She started her healing career since last 5 years and has successfully healed many people.
The treatments offered are..
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Past Life Regression
EFT & Matrix Reimprinting
Access Bars
Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis ( DMIA)

Captain Sangram

Captain Sangram came into the field of hypnotherapy looking for some answers related to some puzzles of his life. But the more he dived into it the more he was amazed at the healing potential it offered. Although he was a successful Pilot with an international Airline , he gave up his glamorous career to become a therapist. He started taking people from unhealed to healed space instead. He has been practicing successfully since last 3 years and is an amazing therapist.

He specialises in
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Past life Regression Therapy
Personal Life Coaching.

Ragini Agarwal

Ragini Agarwal – When it comes to dealing with relationship advice, who knows it better than Ragini Agarwal. Ragini Agarwal is an Expert in Relationship And Career Counselling. She is also a Reiki Healer and Talk therapist. She has this sweet voice and words of impact which works for our clients. She also deals in Child Psychology, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Marital Counselling



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